CTFG 2017 (PDF) Program

DAY 1 : 6 November 2017
08:00 Registration
08:45 E. Shahbazian Welcoming Speech and Introductory Remarks
Plenary Talks
09:00 E. Fournier A New Approach to Innovation for Defence and Security
09:45 J. Llinas Knowledge Requirements for the Design of Distributed Multisensor Multitarget Tracking Systems
10:30 Coffee Break
Tracking 1 : Sensor & Resource Management
Chair : Thia Kirubarajan
10:50 Z. Ding, P. Moo Benefits of Target Prioritization for Phased Array Radar Resource Management
11:15 M. Shaghaghi, R. S. Adve Cognitive Radar Resource Management Based on Machine Learning
11:40 H. Chahrour, B. Balaji, R. Dansereau, S. Rajan Hybrid Spread Spectrum Orthogonal Waveforms for MIMO Radar
12:05 Lunch
Tracking 2 : Detection & Tracking
Chair : Zhen (Jack) Ding
13:15 R. Doraiswami and S. Rajan A Fault Tolerant Scheme for Automated Vehicles
13:40 B. Liu, R. Tharmarasa, T. Kirubarajan, R. Jassemi, N. Kashyap, S. Horn, M. Florea, S. Hallé Underwater Target Tracking with Uncertain Environmental Factors and Multipath
14:05 X.-P. Zhang Passive Source Localization in Acoustic Sensor Array Networks
14:30 D. F. Crouse A Crash Course in Basic Single-Scan Target Tracking
14:55 Coffee Break
Tracking 3 : Clutter, Estimation, and Fusion 1
Chair : Steven Horn
15:15 R. Palenychka, R. Falcon, R. Abielmona, E. Petriu Spatiotemporal Image Descriptors for Vessel Detection and Tracking in Maritime Videos
15:40 D. Song, R. Tharmarasa, T. Kirubarajan Estimation of Sea Clutter Model and Parameters Using Real Data
16:05 P. A. Thomas, J. Barr, B. Balaji, K. White The ‘Stone Soup’ open-source framework for Tracking and State Estimation
16:30 P. Carniglia, E. Altman, B. Balaji PySTEMlib: A Symbolic, Functional and Object-Oriented State Estimation and Mapping Toolbox in Python
Tracking 4 : Clutter, Estimation, and Fusion 2
Chair : Ratnasingham Tharmarasa (Thamas)
16:55 T. Ponsford, Z. Ding, B. Franklin, S. Ellsworth The Application of Cognition to Detection, Tracking and Decision Support
17:20 M. Williams, R. Tharmarasa, T. Kirubarajan, M. McDonald, M. C. Florea, A.-C. Boury-Brisset Anomaly Detection Using Soft and Hard Data
17:45 M. C. Florea, J. Mattioli, J. Mo, N. Duclos-Hindié, F. Audet AI Portal – an intelligent knowledge analysis system
18:10 End of Day 1
19:30 No Host Dinner
DAY 2 : 7 November 2017
08:00 Registration
Plenary Talks
09:00 R. Streit Analytic Combinatorics in Tracking and Information Fusion
09:45 R. Srikanth Sell Your Innovation
10:10 Coffee Break
Fusion 1 – System Design & Concepts
Chair : Mihai Florea
10:30 E. Blasch Dynamic Data-Driven Applications Systems Methods in Information Fusion
10:55 M. Rey, A. Dupuis, E. Shahbazian Concept for an Advanced Maritime Domain Awareness System
11:20 R. Tharmarasa, T. Kirubarajan, R. Jassemi and N. Kashyap A Lego-Like Designer for Large-Scale Surveillance Systems
11:45 D. Baker, J. Barr, L. Kaplan, J. Legg, M. Rangaswamy, P. A. Thomas A coherent international programme of research into multi-modal data fusion
12:10 Lunch
Fusion 2 – Optimization & Planning
Chair : Rami Abielmona
13:15 J. Berger, M. C. Florea, E. Giasson GATHER – Genetic Algorithm-based collecTion scHedulER
13:40 Y. Zuo, Y. Wang, R. Tharmarasa, R. Jassemi-Zargani, N. Kashyap, T. Kirubarajan Multivehicle Path Planning and Scheduling for Persistent Airborne Surveillance
14:05 A.-C. Boury-Brisset Enhancing ISR asset visibility and collection management through knowledge models and automated reasoning
14:30 S. Horn, A.-L. Lapinski, A. Isenor Negative Information for Wide Area Surveillance Analysis and Planning
14:55 Coffee Break
Fusion 3 – High Level Fusion 1
Chair : Elisa Shahbazian
15:15 B. Lebel, F. Audet Sparrows – a platform for radiofrequency situational awareness
15:40 A. Teske, R. Falcon, R. Abielmona, E. Petriu Assessing Maritime Risk with Genetic Fuzzy Systems
16:05 M. Mayrand, I. L. Prévost, L.-O. Marion-Ouellet, E. Lalumiere, N. Kashyap A Framework for Hard-Soft Data Fusion for Enhanced MDA
Fusion 4 – High Level Fusion 2
Chair : Steven Horn
16:30 S. M. R. Lewis, R. Tharmarasa, T. Kirubarajan, M. McDonald, M. C. Florea, A.-C. Boury-Brisset Evidence Based Soft Data Quality Evaluation
16:55 I. L. Prévost, E. Shahbazian, M. Rey, N. Kashyap, F. Begin, E.-O. Bosse, M. Hadzagic Assessment and Analysis of Open Data Sources for Enhanced MDA
17:20 G. Singh, S. Rajan and S. Majumdar Techniques for Enhancing the Computational Speed of Multiple Object Tracking
17:45 E. Shahbazian Wrap-up, Final Remarks
18:30 FUSION 2019 discussion