Welcome to the Canadian Tracking and Fusion Group (CTFG) website! We hope that you find the information contained herein useful.


The CTFG is an independent and informal group dedicated to advancing the knowledge, theory, and applications of tracking and information fusion activities in Canada. Through our web site, Google Group, workshops and other activities, it is our vision to encourage the exchange of information and the spawning of collaborations on problems of common interests, incorporating diversified applications, including those for land, air, space, maritime and underwater.


Participation in the CTFG provides members from different sectors in Canada with a forum for discussing technologies that have a common relevance across many applications domains, including land, air, space, maritime, underwater, etc. The discussions among various participants at the workshop will not only help exchange information on the state-of-the-art in Canada, but also foster collaboration among various groups working on tracking and fusion. Specifically, the objectives of the workshop are as follows:

  1. Share
    To share real-world tracking and fusion data, challenge problems, and solutions;
  2. Discuss
    To discuss current and future topics of interest in various application areas;
  3. Understand
    To understand the needs of government and industry and provide a forum for discussion with academic groups;
  4. Liaison
    To be a liaison to industry, academia, and government by establishing working panels and providing benchmark problems to evaluate new and existing solutions;
  5. Foster
    To foster technology transfer among the CTFG members and their member organizations.


Unclassified presentations on any aspect of target tracking and data and information fusion for civilian and defence applications are acceptable. They may cover any aspect of target tracking and fusion, including, but not limited to, sensors, signal processing, detection, tracking, low-level fusion, high-level fusion, classification, resource management, information flow, performance evaluation, fusion architectures, decision systems, registration, software, data sets, benchmark problems, and data modeling. Also encouraged are presentations on emerging topics such as data-driven artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous methodologies at both high-level and low level data and information fusion.


The CTFG Workshop 2020+ will be held online due to the current COVID-19 pandemic on 18-21 January, 2021.

The CTFG Workshop has been identified as a major event for the group which attracts every year approximately 60 participants. Four working panels were recommended as an outcome of the first workshop. We would encourage you to be involved in one or more of these panels. The four panels are as follows.

  • High-Level Information Fusion
  • Reasoning, Decision Support and User Refinement
  • Multiple Target Tracking
  • Radar Resource and Sensor Management


If you have any questions or wish to become a member, please feel free to Contact Us.

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